Monday, October 20, 2014

Reading for November

One piece

Dostoevsky: The Brothers Karamazov (Part I-II) link

This is basically the first half of the book.  The second half comes up next year.  I'm reading the whole thing in one shot this year.  In fact, I'm about half way through part three and I can tell you that this is excellent.  Highly recommended! 


  1. I'll look forward to hearing your comments on it. The only other Dostoyevsky that I've read is The Idiot, and while I enjoyed it, I must say that I think some of it went over my head. I felt like I actually had to understand Dostoyevsky before I could understand his works. I'm sure as I read more of him, I'll be able to mentally revisit The Idiot and I'll have moments of, "okay, now I get it," but for now, he still has left me a little bit confused. In any case, happy reading!

    1. I've been told that the Idiot is the thematic prequel to Bros Karamazov. I haven't read it, but it's on my Kindle! I don't know if I can really claim to 'understand' Bros Karamazov yet either. But the discussions are so interesting! And the moral dilemmas!
      In some ways, many ways, I'm reminded of reading Hugo.

    2. And when I read The Idiot, I felt like I was reading a more frantic Tolstoy! Myshkin began as a wonderfully complex character, but then part way through, I couldn't figure out what Dostoyevsky was doing with him. You are right though ..... some of the scenes evoked deep philosophical contemplation.