Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Reading

Shakespeare: 'Hamlet' Kindle/Nook/Google

I'm a big Shakespeare fan but I've never read through Hamlet before.  I've seen about four versions of it and read some of the famous parts before but I've never studied it before so this will be new for me.  When it comes to Shakespeare, I suggest watching the play before reading.  It helps to get past the language barrier and increases understanding.  You can find a recent performance with David Tennant and Patrick Stewart online here.  
I haven't mentioned this here but I was very much a theater rat when I was young.  From age 11 until about 22 I was in about 50 different shows (community theater, children's theater, high school and so on).  This included my two favorite all time roles, Puck in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' and Romeo in 'Romeo and Juliet'.  I loved the challenge of translating the Elizabethan patter into something that a modern audience could easily understand.  I loved the high drama and absolute absurdity that each role permitted.  There is a reason that Shakespearean actors are so highly valued, even in other genres.

And while I'm talking about Shakespeare, I want to recommend this post from Stan.  I laughed while reading it!

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