Monday, August 1, 2016


With another new month, I thought I'd do something of a state of progress post.  I have one new piece in mind for August, which is:

Pascal - The Provincial Letters

I'm still working on Fielding's wonderful 'History of Tom Jones, a Foundling' though I'm almost done.  I don't think I'll tackle another of the Great Books literature works until 'War and Peace' later this year. 
I'm behind on writing up several of the pieces that I have read, including some Hobbes, Rousseau and the second half of Cervantes 'Don Quixote'.  I also have two Shakespeare plays left to write up and then some overall omnibus pieces on the entire works.  (Bonus points if you can figure out which ones.)  All of this has been read, I just need to write it up.  I've finished 23 different pieces so far this year and my (soft) goal of 30 is well within view.
I have ideas on some other features for the rest of the year but I'm holding off on making any kind of commitment to them.  I've (finally) applied for college and want to get that degree.  My eight year old daughter is starting to think about college and her questions about why I didn't go are becoming painful. 
So far this has been a very good year.  I'm hoping that the last the last five months go well.

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