Sunday, May 1, 2016

Books Read in April

Another month, more reading done.  The biggie for April was a classic that was new to me.

  • Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte - New to me.  Jane Eyre is a young girl who is orphaned and raised in an unfriendly house.  She eventually finds a life as a governess and ends up wrapped in a relationship that is improper on many levels.  This was a very interesting book and I enjoyed it quite a bit.  Eyre lives very much by her principles no matter what the cost to the rest of her life.  It's both admirable and difficult.  I recommend it.
  • Double Star, Heinlein - A reread but it has been some years.  This book is set in a sci-fi future.  An actor is pressed into a job as a double for a high ranking official.  He learns a ton about politics, while sharing his insights into the stage.  There are difficulties and drama.  I love this book.
  • Four Ghosts in Hamlet, Fritz Leiber - More of a short story, I suppose but very good.  The story is about a traveling Shakespearean troupe and a somewhat mystical occurrence.  If you run across this in a short story collection, read it.
The rest was taken up with Epictetus, St Augustine, Chaucer and (of course) Shakespeare.  (And work.)  I'm now done with 21 of the Shakespearean plays. That leaves one more comedy, five tragedies, six histories and all five of the romances.  Right on track.
Now I just need to get back on track with writing them up!

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