Monday, April 11, 2016

Upcoming (Updated)

I've finished up Epictetus.  Next up will be a largish section of St Augustine, books XV - XVIII of 'The City of God'.  I enjoyed Augustine's 'Confessions' (the first half at least) and I'm looking forward to this.  I believe this section is a detailed difference between a city of man and the city of God.

Update: I had the wrong piece by St Augustine.  The work I'll be doing is 'On Christian Doctrine'.  Please update your scorecards accordingly. 

The Shakespeare writing will continue, of course.  Now that I'm done with the 'Henriad' and the Hollow Crown, I'll catch up on writing about the various comedies that I've read but not written about yet.  I think I'm only three behind, but I'll have to check that out.  I've also finished 'King Lear' but I'm still digesting that.  (Poor Gloucester!)  The next tragedy will be 'Othello' and then I'll have finished all of the Shakespeare that is in the Great Books reading plan.
I'm also half way through my personal goal of reading all of Shakespeare's plays this year.  I've currently read 11 of the 13 comedies, 4 of the ten tragedies, 4 of the ten histories and exactly zero of the five romances.  At this pace, I should have them all completed by the end of the summer.


  1. Wow, you're doing great with your reading! I am starting to feel like I'm falling behind. If I can get my income tax out of the way, I can start to pick it up again. Othello was just marvellous!!! I really think that you'll enjoy it.

    1. Cleo, I've been fortunate that my job has allowed me ample reading time so far this year. Fingers crossed that it continues!