Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Readings for April

Two meaty pieces:

St Augustine: Confessions (books 9-13) link
St Thomas Aquinas: Summa Theologica (part 1, QQ 16-17 and 84-88) link


  1. With regard to Confessions, that is the tough theological section, I think? I'm looking forward to your post on it. The first time I read it, it completely went over my head but the second time I got a very tentative grasp on it. I could probably read it for the rest of my life and not completely understand everything Augustine was trying to convey. Good luck with it.

    I haven't even attempted Aquinas yet. So difficult .......

  2. Yeah, this is the theological section. Not as easy going as the biographical part. And yes, I think probably multiple readings are the way to go.
    The thing with Aquinas is that you have to treat it as a pure exercise in logic. If you can do that, great! If not, well, then it's a slog.