Thursday, January 1, 2015

Plans for Year Four

Long term readers of this blog probably noticed that the output dropped considerably over the past three months.  Sorry bout that.  I could make excuses for it (and some would be legitimate) but there is no point in that.  What I'm trying to say is that the output is going to go back up. 


My usual pattern is to start reading the pieces for a month on the 20th of the prior month.  My hope is to have it finished by the 10th of the month in which it falls.  So, for this month I started reading Euripides back before Christmas.  I finished the first two plays and I'm half way through the third one. 
The monthly set up will be something like:
  • 1st of the month is the work (or works) with a link.
  • 3rd of the month is the timeline for the authors of the year.  (I find the context helpful.)
  • The 6th is for the author bio.  I like finding out about the lives, especially the early lives, of each author.  If I've already done their bio previously, I'll probably just link to the previous one.
  • I'll start writing about the work around the 10th and write at least two posts before the end of the month.  At least two but hopefully more.  (This month will have at least four.)
  • On the 20th, I'll list the work for the next month with a link.
  • The last day or two of the month I'll write about the other, non Great Books related things that I've read that month.
  • In addition, I'll keep doing the 'links' posts.  I'm thinking every other Friday, though maybe every Friday if I can make that work.  And I need a better name than 'classic links'.  Suggestions are welcome.
  • I may get back to the 100 plays bit.  I'd like to.  We'll see how busy the other parts of my life are.  If so, it will be one play a month and I'll figure out what works best in scheduling that.
If this all works out, that will be three or four posts per week and a much busier, more regular blog than the past three months have been.

Hope you enjoy it!

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