Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A War Like No Other - Victor Davis Hanson

I've mentioned that I found the 'Landmark Thucydides' to be a good translation of the the Peloponnesian war.  The other book that helped lead me through it is 'A War Like No Other' by Victor Davis Hanson.  Hanson is a professor of Greek history in California and an expert in the field.  In this book he breaks down the conflict by subject, one per chapter.  The chapters/subjects:

  • Fear
  • Fire
  • Disease
  • Terror
  • Armor
  • Walls
  • Horses
  • Ships
And so on.  He also does a good job of relating the war to modern ears.  For instance, he talks about how both the pro and anti Iraq war sides cited Thucydides in their arguments during the run up to the war.  A very worthwhile read.


  1. Thanks so much for the recommendation! I have Thucydides on my classics list and hope to get around to him soon.

    Nice blog, BTW. I'm really enjoying all your posts! :-)