Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Overall, I really enjoyed reading Montaigne.  He has an easy style of reading and is undoubtably brilliant.  As I mentioned in his bio, he is the creator of the essay.  I take that to mean any short piece of writing is that is focused mainly on one subject.  I've also read that he was one of the first writers to write in such a personal way.  When you read Montaigne, you are invited into his obviously personal thoughts.  Into his own personal life.  I found time to wander off the list and read some of his other essays.  I found his essay 'On Sorrow' to be very insightful.
He does wander a bit though.  I found it tough to take notes while reading his essays becaue it was tough to always tell what his most prominent point was.  He would circle and circle and after a few pages I would have to look back to figure out the best illustration of what he was saying.  I don't mean this as a criticism; I merely mention it to warn modern eyes that he requires some spade work. 
On a personal note, I'd say that he probably shouldn't be read while you're also watching young kids.  The words go down easily enough but if your attention waivers, you miss out.  (This is my way of saying that this project will be easier this fall once the kids are back in school/preschool and my wife is back teaching!)
I'll break down some of the essays either alone or in groups over the next week or two. 

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